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Jaguar 1976-1996 XJS Parts Catalog

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Antenna Assemblies & Parts Antenna Rubber Grommet CD Changers & Parts Car Covers & Bras Cleaners & Polishes Floor Mats, Carpets & Clips Hylosil Mud Flaps Security & Keyless Entry Components Security Components Service, Parts, Owners and Repair Manuals Shift Knobs Stereos & Parts

Air Intake

Air Balance Parts Air Cleaner Parts Air Filters Air Flow & Air Mass Meters Air Flow & Air Mass Meter Hoses Air Injection Switch Valve Air Injection Parts Air Intake Elbows Air Pump & Hoses Aux. Air Valve Gasket Auxilliary/Extra Air Valve Breather & Crankcase Vent Parts Breather Hose EGR Parts


Engine Belts

Body Electrical

Battery Cables, Covers, Clips & Parts Bulb Failure Module Cigar Lighter Parts Cruise Control Parts Dash Gauge Circuit Board Exterior Lamps-Other Fog Lamps Gauges & Clocks Headlamps, Bulbs & Parts Headlight Switch Ignition Switches & Parts Interior Lamps Lamp Bulbs Rear Window Defroster Relay Reflectors Seat Electronics Sending Units, Fuse Boxes & Relays Side Marker Lamps Switches & Switch Bezels Tail Lamps & Parts Trip Computer Components Windshield Washer Parts Windshield Wiper Parts Other Body Electrical Parts

Body Mechanical

Badges & Emblems Body Closure and Access Panels Body Gaskets and Seals Body Panels Bolts & Fasteners Bonnet Liner Bumper Parts Center Console Lid & Other Console Parts Convertible Boot Cover Convertible Boot Hook Convertible Top Convertible Top Back Glass Convertible Top Cables Convertible Top Electronics Convertible Top Hardware Convertible Top Hydraulics Convertible Top Latch Parts Door Handles and Parts Door Latches, Actuators, Solenoids & Parts Door Panel Retainer Door Seal Exterior Trim Parts Glass Grills and Grill Parts Headlamp Washer Jet and Cover Hinges Hood Latch Parts Hood Release Cable Hood Strut Interior Trim Clips & Fasteners Interior Trim Parts Jacks, Lug Wrenches & Parts Keys Locks & Keys Mirrors and Parts Seat Belts & Parts Seat Parts Spoilers, Undertrays and Parts Sunvisors and Parts Treadplates Trunk Locks, Actuators, Solenoids & Parts Trunk Strut Wheel Center Caps, Wheel Emblems, & Hub Caps Window Motor and Regulator Windshield & Window Rubber & Trim


ABS Motor and Pump ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Brake Accumulator Brake Booster & Parts Brake Calipers and Parts Brake Fluid Cap Brake Hardware Brake Light Switch Brake Lines & Hoses Brake Master Cylinder & Seals Brake Pad Set Brake Pedal Pad Brake Pressure Valve Brake Reservoir Brake Rotor Caliper Repair Kit Handbrake Parts Hydraulic Pump Low Pressure Switch Other Brake Parts

Climate Control

AC & Heater Airflow Flap Actuators AC & Heater Blower Motors AC & Heater Controls And Switch Panels AC & Heater Electronic Control Unit and Amplifier AC Compressor Clutch Fuse AC Compressors AC Condensers AC Dash Vents AC Evaporator AC Expansion Valve AC High Pressure Valve AC Hoses AC Idler Pulley AC Low Pressure switch AC O_Rings and Gaskets AC Receiver Drier Heater Core Heater Valve Switches and Knobs


Coolant Reservoir Tank Coolant Sensors Coolant and Heater Hoses & Pipes Electric Fans Expansion Tank Cap Fan Blade Fan Clutch Fan Cowl Fan Switch Radiator Radiator Hardware Thermostat and Gaskets Water Pumps, Gaskets and Parts


Differential Differential Gaskets and Seals Differential Rebuild Parts Driveshaft & Rear Axle Parts Miscellaneous Parts U_Joints

Engine Electrical

Alternator Alternator Dump Module Crankshaft Position Sensor Distributor & Parts Distributor Cap Distributor Miscellaneous Parts Distributor Rotor Engine Position Sensors Harnesses Ignition Coil Ignition Module Ignition Wire Clips Ignition Wire set Knock Sensor Sensors & Oil Pressure Sending Units Spark Plug Starters & Parts

Engine Mechanical

Cam Covers, Gaskets & Nuts Connecting Rod Bearings Crankshaft Balancer Rebuild Service Crankshaft Bearings Crankshafts, Dampers & Pulleys Cylinder Head Cylinder Head Bolt Engine & Engine Bay Emblems Engine Covers Engine Valve Adjustment Shims Engines & Mounts Exhaust Manifolds & Gaskets Exhaust Manifold Studs & Nuts Exhaust Valve Flex Plate (Flywheel) Gaskets & Seals For Engine Intake Manifolds & Gaskets Intake Valve Oil Cooler Parts Oil Dipstick & Seal Oil Drain Plug & Washer Oil Filler Cap Oil Filter Oil Lines, Fittings & Bolts Oil Pans, Gaskets & Parts Oil Pump Parts Pistons Timing Parts Valve Guide Valve Keeper Valve Spring Valve Stem Seal


Catalytic Converters Clamps and Hangers Gaskets and Bushings Mufflers Pipes Tail Pipe Tips

Fuel Delivery

Fuel Filler Parts Fuel Filter Fuel Hoses and Pipes Fuel Level Sending Unit and Parts Fuel Nonreturn Valve Fuel Pumps & Pump Parts Fuel Rail Fuel Tank & Parts Fuel Tank Gas Cap

Fuel Injection

Accelerator Pedal Air Temperature Sensor Cold Start Injector & Gasket Emission Control Parts Fuel Hose & Clamps Fuel Injection Electronics Fuel Injector O_Rings & Seals Fuel Injectors Fuel Pressure Regulator Idle Control Parts Injector Connectors Oxygen Sensor Power Resister Pack Temperature Sensors Throttle Bodies & Parts Throttle Cable Throttle Switches


Inner Tie Rod Power Steering Fittings & Hardware Power Steering Hoses Power Steering Pump Power Steering Pump Repair Kit Power Steering Reservoir Steering Column Parts Steering Rack & Parts Steering Rack Boot Kit Steering Rack Bushing Steering Rack Seals Steering Rack Tie Rod End


ABS Sensor Rotor Gear Ball Joints Bump Stops Coil Springs Control Arms, Shafts & Bushings Front Hub Parts Front Shocks and Related parts Miscellaneous Nuts, Bolts & Hardware Rear Hubs, Bearings & Parts Rear Radius Arms Rear Shocks and Related parts Road Wheels Shims Spring and Shock Kits Subframes & Mounts Sway Bar Bushings and End Links Wheel Bearing Kits Wheel Lug Nuts Wheel Stud




Cables Clutch Parts Clutch Slave Cylinder Covers Dipstick & Tube Filters, Gaskets & Oil Pan Insulation Pad Mounting Parts Neutral Safety Switch Pipes and Hoses Seals and Gaskets Shift Cable Swivel Joint Shifter Components Shifter Covers Speedometer Angle Drive Unit Speedometer Cable Transmission Electronics
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