Jaguar Air Flow & Air Mass Meter Hoses

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Part #: EAC1301-OE

RUBBER INTAKE HOSE CONNECTS AIR FLOW METER TO INTAKE ELBOW, FITS 1978-1987 XJ6, 1992-1996 4.0 XJS. This is the smooth hose. Sold individually, you need 2 per car for 1978-1987 XJ6.

Part #: EAC6370-X

AIR INTAKE ELBOW RUBBER BELLOWS, FITS 1988-1994 XJ6 AND 1993-1994 4.0 LITER XJS UP TO VIN 194774. Goes between the throttle body and the air intake elbow.

Part #: EBC8715-X

BOOT THROTTLE BODY TO AIR BOX FITS XJ6 1995-1997 and XJS 4.0 1995-1996 from VIN 194775 on is an independent parts distributor and is not authorized or affiliated with Jaguar Cars Limited. Jaguar Cars Limited is the owner of all JAGUAR, JAG, and model name trademarks