Jaguar and Land Rover remanufactured - rebuilt engines for most models

We sell remanufactured – rebuilt and used engines for most Jaguar models: XJ6, XJS, XJ12, XJ8. XK8, XKR, XK, XJ, S-TYPE, S-TYPE R, X-TYPE, XF, XFR, F-TYPE, and F-PACE models. We also sell remanufactured and used engines for most land Rover models: Land Rover Sport, Discovery, Evoque, Defender, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and the Velar.

We have the best engine rebuilder in the USA. He has 20 years of experience rebuilding Jaguar engines. Our Remanufactured Engines are Better than New!


Unfortunately, all the JLR Engines have proven to be extremely delicate and prone to catastrophic failure! 2010-2021 JLR or Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover 2.0, 3.0 & 5.0 Engines were also plagued with design flaws. Consequently, there is an unprecedented demand for these engines.

Professionally Engineered & Experienced engine builders have enabled us to make the best Remanufactured & Fortified Jaguar and Land Rover Engines possible to overcome the weak points of the factory JLR Engines. At this point we have perfected the process and have sold over 5,000 remanufactured Jaguar and Land Rover Engines over the 12 years. We are an industry leader in Land Rover / Range Rover and Jaguar Remanufactured Engines.

Our Team was able to determine that the 3.0 and 5.0 Land Rover / Range Rover Engines have several design flaws, which contribute to their massive rate of failure. The Biggest Flaw is that these engines from the factory were made with very porous aluminum cylinder walls which even under the slightest overheat can crack, break or warp very easily. Each Cylinder is Free-Floating meaning there is no border around each cylinder like conventional vehicles so expansion of aluminum results in breaking.

*Our Remanufactured Engines are upgraded & fortified to make them BETTER THAN NEW*

Re-sleeved Blocks with oversized, heat-treated metal sleeves. The blocks are also decked and top-hatted to ensure sleeves don't slip & even in the event of being slightly overheated don't crack.

1) 3-Layer Head gaskets (Stock are 2-Layer)
2) 11 MM Head bolts (Stock are 10.5 MM)
3) Aluminum & Plastic Timing Chain Rails (Stock are Plastic)
4) 8 MM Timing Tensioners for Better Oil Flow (Stock are 6.35 MM)
5) Polished Crank with Oversized Bearings

1) Pistons with Rings
2) Connecting Rods
3) Valves & Valve Seals
4) Timing Actuators
5) Timing Chains
6) Oil Filter with Housing Gasket
7) Spark Plugs

All remanufactured engines for cars 2009 and older come with a 12 month 12,000 mile parts only warranty.

All remanufactured engines for cars 2010 and newer come with a 12 month 12,000 mile parts and labor warranty.

If the remanufactured engine we sell you has issues within the warranty period and the engine is repairable, we will work directly with the repair shop that installed it and have them do the necessary repairs to our engine to avoid replacing the entire engine.

On 2010 and newer cars we provide a comparable remanufactured replacement engine, and cover up to $2,500 towards engine replacement labor costs. We do not reimburse rental car, shipping and tow fees.

We sell hundreds of Remanufactured engines every year, we have the absolute BEST rebuilding department and we have the absolute highest quality upgraded parts being installed so you can feel secure that no one can give you a better quality engine at any price!

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