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Jaguar XJS Parts Catalog (1976-1996)

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The XJS was one of the most popular Jaguars ever made. The first one was designed by its British manufacturer with safety regulations in mind in 1975 as a grand tourer coupe. It was more aerodynamic than its predecessor the E-Type.

However, while its original 5.3-liter V12 engine was prized for its high mileage and low maintenance, being launched in the wake of a fuel crisis; it never attained enough popularity to keep it in production.

Although the XJS was upgraded again in 1987 with a 4-speed automatic transmission it wasn't very popular until a convertible was available, then the sales rocketed. The XJS had finally proved true to Jaguar's most popular theme of being a sports car which increased its sales in the US.

The final version included a rust-proofed body, a new style for the grill, rear lights and rear windows. Other popular features were power windows, locks and climate control as well as a new interior design.

After 21 years of production the XJS was discontinued in 1996 and replaced by the XK8.

Depending on your version you may need Jaguar XJS parts for a coupe, a convertible, a V-12 or straight 6 engine. If you have a V-12 the cooling systems needs to be maintained often as it may result in overheating because of the small engine bay in which case it can result in a blown head gasket. You may want to prevent such problems by upgrading the radiator to a single pass alloy unit.

If you have a pre-1989 XJS you may want to consider Jaguar parts to replace the original ignition system as it had a distributor problem which seized up the catalytic converter and caused fires. Head gaskets and fuel injection hoses should also be replaced when worn out for the same reason.

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