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Our accurate parts catalog makes finding the correct part easy. Simply click the appropriate Jaguar car model link under the white Jaguar on any of our pages. Then scroll down the page to the category and select the name of the part you need. If you don't see the part you need, call us, email us or complete this Parts Request Form.

Jagbits supplies virtually every part for every Jaguar built from 1979 to the current model year. We offer brand new as well as rebuilt remanufactured and used parts in our catalog. Most new parts are available as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or if the part number ends in the letter X it is an Aftermarket part which is made by a different manufacturer but works just as well. We also offer used salvage Jaguar parts, as well as rebuilt or discontinued parts.

Our Jaguar Body parts are all clean, rust free, that will need to be re-painted and may have a small ding or 2 but will save you lots of money when compared to new body parts. Our internal engine parts are available so you can rebuild your 1979-1987 XJ6 engines perfectly. We sell every brake, fuel, and cooling system part that you may need for your car in our catalog.

It is extremely important that you maintain these systems in order for your car to perform safely and properly. Rebuilt calipers, transmissions, and steering racks are our specialties. We have the best rebuilder in the Jaguar industry and all of our rebuilt Jaguar parts are guaranteed for one year.

If your heat or air conditioning is not blowing the appropriate hot or cold air you will need to diagnose the climate control system and replace the needed parts which we provide. Compressors, driers, and blower motors tend to fail on the older Jaguars.

1988-1994 XJ40 owners are usually well aware of the differential problems that their cars have and we offer rebuilt differentials as well as rebuilding kits. Jaguar exhaust systems are in stock and ready to ship. Every part from mufflers to catalytic converters to chrome tail pipes are in stock and ready to ship.

There are thousands of electrical parts on the newer Jaguars and we have every one of them in our catalog, usually in both new and used condition for your car. Throttle body parts and assemblies can be found on the website in both new and used also. We stock switches, relays and every lamp for every Jaguar.

Please use the search box on this page to find the part you're looking for. If you can't find it email us, or call us for any new or used part that you need.

Toll free U.S. and Canada: (888) JAG-BITS - (888) 524-2487
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