Jaguar Thermostat and Gaskets

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Part #: AJ811788

THERMOSTAT FITS 2008 4.2 S-TYPE FROM VIN N90526 ON, 2007-2009 XJ8 XJR, 2007-2009 XK AND 2006-2008 XF. You will need to replace the AJ83525 cover seal also

Part #: AJ82697-OE

THERMOSTAT FITS 2003-2006 4.2 XK8, 2004-2006 XJ8 UP TO VIN H17518 AND 2003-2008 S-TYPE 4.2 V8 FROM VIN M45255 TO N90525.

Part #: AJ83525-OE

THERMOSTAT COVER SEAL FITS 2006-2008 S-TYPE, 2004-2009 XJ8, 2006-2009 XJR, 2007-2009 XK AND 2006-2008 XF

Part #: AJ86484-OE

THERMOSTAT AND O-RING FITS XJ8 1998-2003, 2004-2005 XJR UP TO VIN G49700, XK8 1997-2003, XKR 1998-2006 AND S-TYPE 2000-2002 4.0 V8.

Part #: NCA2246BA

O-RING FOR THERMOSTAT COVER FITS XJ8 1998-2003 XK8 1997-2003 S-TYPE 2000-2002 V8 UP TO M45254

Part #: NCA2269CA-OE

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