Jaguar ABS Module Repair Service

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THIS PART NOW ON SALE! REBUILD SERVICE FOR YOUR ABS CONTROL MODULE ON ANY 1995-1997 XJ6 XJR, 1998-2003 XJ8 XJR, 1997-2006 XK8 XKR 100%-LIFETIME WARRANTY. You will need to ship me your module and you will get it back in 3-4 business days. Common Jaguar part numbers we rebuild are: JLM12004 JLM12005 JLM20555 JLM20556 JLM21323 JLM20130 JLM20129 LNA2210AA LNA2210AB LNA2210BA LNA2210BB LJA2210AH LJA2210BH LNC2210AD LNC2210BD LNF2210AC LNF2210AD is an independent parts distributor and is not authorized or affiliated with Jaguar Cars Limited. Jaguar Cars Limited is the owner of all JAGUAR, JAG, and model name trademarks