Jaguar Door Panel Retainer

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Part #: AGU2388J

DOOR PANEL FEMALE FRICTION CLIP, FITS MOST JAGUAR MODELS FROM 1979-2003. This is the clear plastic female sleeve that the door panel male (fir tree) clip goes into. Used with part number KZC100007 and KTD300003.

Part #: KTC100017

PUSH IN FIR TREE CLIP FOR DOOR PANEL FITS 1997-2006 XK8. KZV10010 is the friction bush for this clip.

Part #: KZV100010

FRICTION BUSH FOR PUSH IN FIR TREE CLIP ON DOOR PANEL FITS 1998-2003 XJ8 AND 1997-2006 XK8. Use with KTC100017 & KTD300003 clip. is an independent parts distributor and is not authorized or affiliated with Jaguar Cars Limited. Jaguar Cars Limited is the owner of all JAGUAR, JAG, and model name trademarks