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Jaguar Technical and Repair Information

  1. Diagnosing Jaguar Front End Noises
  2. Jaguar interior rear view mirror installation
  3. Leaky Jaguar Heater Core
  4. Jaguar A/C Control Panel on the 88-94 XJ6
  5. How to replace the Jaguar voltage regulator in the 79-87 XJ6.
  6. Enabling the Jaguar fog light position on the headlamp switch.
  7. Winter Cooling System Checks
  8. Fuel Hose
  9. Tires and why not to cheap out.
10. What's a Jaguar stakedown kit and why do you need one?
11. Oxygen sensor (AKA,lambda sensor)
12. Self-levelling rear suspension, as used on the 1988-1994 XJ6
13. Purchasing Jaguar windshields
14. Bulb Failure Modules on the 1988-1994 XJ6
15. Ride and Ride Height Springs and Shocks
16. Universal Joints
17. Clearing the A/C Condensation Drains
19. XJS Rear Window Leaks,leading to a trashed fuel tank
20. Engine Cooling Fan Cracking
21. Transmission Service, BW65/66
22. Which Jaguar Shocks Are Best?
23. R134a Conversion
24. Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushing Upgrade - Tighten up your steering!
25. CD Changer in the trunk, 1988-1994 XJ6
26. Rear Hub Cracks
27. Manual Jaguar Sunroof Operation
28. Stakedown Kit Instructions
29. "Whooshing" Fuel Tanks
31. OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts
32. Winter Checklist
33. Jaguar Wet Feet!
34. Heater core replacement- 1980-1987 XJ6
35. XJ6 Air Conditioning Control Panel
36. Preventing early death XJS WiperMotor
37. Leaking steering rack seals 
38. XJ6 Brake Accumulator Problems
39. Preventing an early death - 1990-94 XJ6 hydraulic pump
40. Replacing brake pads on an ABS car
41. Inoperative Cruise Control
42. Tires
43. Battery & Charging System Checkup
44. Series III Headlamp Relay
45. Series III Headlamps- Seven Inch Conversion
46. Tires, Belts & Hoses
47. V12 Air Bleed Screw
48. Speedometer problems
49. Flat spots on your tires
50. Emissions check valve, Part One.
51. Emissions Check Valve, Part Two.
52. Thermostats
53. Broken Cup Holder

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