1988-1994 XJ6 Exhaust System Leaks and How to Fix it

The (semi) stainless steel exhaust system fitted as standard does last well, but will sooner or later corrode through at the rear silencers and bends. Mild steel replacements are available but will usually rust through within a couple of winters - fit a good quality stainless system and it will be there for life.

The majority of audible leaks will usually be due to failed manifold-to-head gaskets, as there are insufficient studs to clamp adequately. There is no real fix, other than to change the gaskets as soon as a leak is noticed to avoid erosion of the head face. Catalysts, where fitted, can often last the life of the car, but the lambda sensors will degrade after about five years, increasing emissions and reducing fuel economy - treat them as a consumable item.

Last but not least, at every service check the exhaust clamps cautiously as they are prone to both corrosion of the bolt and splitting of the stainless steel band.

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