1988-1994 XJ6 Wheel and Tire Replacement

The 390mm TD metric wheels used in numerous markets incorporate an ingenious rim design to hold the tire in place when deflated, unfortunately the concept never gained widespread support and was abandoned in 1992 when Jaguar changed back to a conventional 15 inch rim. TD tires are still obtainable but remain fairly expensive. 15 inch tires should on no account be forced on to a 390mm wheel and it is usually more cost efficient to buy a set of imperial wheels and new tires then replace the metric ones.

The XJ40 (and subsequent X300 and V8 models) adopted a dissimilar wheel offset compared with the previous XJ and XJ-S cars, the rim positioned further in. This means that prior Jaguar wheels cannot be fitted as the tire will likely rub on the wheel arch. Be cautious when buying replacement wheels, as quite a few designs are made in two different offsets depending on whether they were for an XJ40 or XJ-S.

The earlier 1990's also saw the company's first steps towards larger rim diameters after three decades at 15 inches with some later models such as the XJ12 moving up to 16 inches, a size that was to become standard on the X300. Today there is much wider range of tires in 16 inch and 15 inch, so the fitting of later wheels would not just be a visual benefit.

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