Replacing the 1988-1994 XJ6 Interior Trim

The type of interior trim will depend on the spec level, base cars having cloth seats with molded vinyl doors trims and console, whereas the more expensive vehicles have leather and stitched vinyl, which is much easier to repair. Driver's seats in particular suffer from wear on the side bolster where the seat belt rubs, this is simply fixed by a skilled trimmer and overall the seating is much more comfortable and hardwearing than on later cars. The true secret to a lovely interior is to keep it away from heat and damp, meaning that shade in summer and keeping the air-conditioning aside of the system fully operational, as it will eliminate moisture even when heating the car in the winter.

The dashboard and door trim veneer is bonded onto plywood and although it might fade, total failure is doubtful; the console and ashtray veneer on the other hand is bonded straight to a steel support and will delaminate very rapidly with exposure to heat. Bonding methods have greatly improved since the mid-1980Õs and so a new re-veneered panel should be much more durable.

The headlining sandwiches a layer of foam between the glass-fibre shell and the actual material-over time, heat causes the foam to break down, allowing the material to drop. While technically possible at home, to ensure a good quality job leave it to a professional trimmer.

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