Replacing 1988-1994 XJ6 Cooling Parts

These cars do not, as a rule, run hot, so any overheating should be explored instantly. Check frequently for blockages and corrosion in the lower third of the radiator but look also for corrosive build up around the alloy-rubber connection, mainly at the thermostat housing and the back of the water pump where an often ignored hose feeds coolant back to a distribution rail on the side of the block. Replacement water pumps are usually supplied just as a front housing, so ensure the back housing for corrosion in case a new one is required as well.

The viscous fan coupling is temperature controlled, but should also load up for a few seconds when the car is started from cold as the cooling fluid circulates. If it doesnÕt, fit a new one.

The vacuum operated heather valve is mounted at the left rear corner of the cylinder head via a short hose on pre-1993 cars, but was screwed directly in from then on and is tremendously complicated to remove without a cute down spanner. These valves hardly ever seize, but will leak in time leaving a tell tale stain on the chassis leg.

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