Non-start Fix on 1988-1994 XJ6 Jaguar

A non-start will frequently be due to an unsuccessful crank angle sensor at the front of the engine or a defective ignition amplifier, located below the coil. The distributor cap can also crack around the internal pins causing a misfire. An early car that cranks for a long period before starting will typically require a new one-way valve at the fuel pump mounted on the rear suspension sub frame.

On later cars, the pump is mounted in the tank, and can go through overheating of the wiring at the flange connection, leading to fuel gauge and pump problems.

The hotwire type airflow meter is exceptionally reliable, but the throttle position switch mounted below the butterfly can be prone to oil ingress and wear in the lower range, often causing a flat spot. Engine idle speed is electronically controlled and carbon buildup can cause the valve to stick, they can every so often be cleaned out but this isnÕt a definite fix. If the car tends to stall at the same point during warm up on a regular basis or floods the engine with fuel, fit a new coolant temperature transmitter.

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