1988-1994 XJ6 Self-leveling Suspension Should be changed to Standard Springs and Dampers

Any Jaguars still running self-leveling suspension should be changed back to standard springs and dampers at the first sign of problem as repair of the original system is not financially practical. To disable the hydraulics when changing a car back to standard, first depressurize the system by pumping the brake pedal until it goes hard, then disconnect the hydraulic pipe at the valve block below the bonnet, plugging the opening one of the now unneeded bleed nipples found near the top of each rear damper. The pipes can then be detached to tidy up if desired.

A squeaking noise from the rear of the car can generally be traced to the foam insulators above the springs; these should always be coated with copper based grease during damper replacement.

The round A-frame mounts which anchor the suspension assemblies to the body just forward of each rear wheel take nearly all the acceleration and braking force with natural wear compounded by the tendency of the cast alloy bush centre to corrode and separate from the rubber. A press and special dies are needed to swap the bushes, but some companies do offer the A-frame on a changeover basis. The additional bushes in the rear suspension will most likely last the lifetime of the car.

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