Check your 1988-1994 XJ6 Jaguar Front Suspension Alignment

Pre-1989 Jaguars used series 1-3/XJ-S type upper wishbones bushes, which can wear significantly over time, altering the suspension alignment - later cars are fitted with a much more durable bonded rubber type. Lower bushes will move off-centre in relation to the shaft as they age, the shafts also commonly seizing in the sub frame and so requiring heat to loosen. Often ignored, but crucial to handling precision on all cars are the sub frame mounts, particularly the forward V mount which can separate completely yet go unnoticed when the car is raised for servicing as spring tension clamps the two halves together - look for swollen rubber or the tell-tale shiny patch where they rub.

Wheel bearings seem to be unsuccessful quite often, so to prevent costly hub and sub axle damage it is worth checking them every time the car is serviced, and we'd advise changing them every 30,000 miles to avoid any unnecessary dramas.

Dampers typically last around 80-100,000 miles but in that period will consume at least two sets of upper mounting bushes made from dense foam that hardens and crumbles over time. By no means loosen the damper mounts without the full weight of the car supported on the spring as the damper is the lower bump stop and remains under tension when the wheels hang free.

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