Jaguar Air Conditioning Compressor, Drier, Evaporator,
Expansion Valve, Condenser and Hose Repair

All Jaguars have basic A/C Air conditioning parts just like most other cars. These include a Compressor, Drier, Evaporator, Expansion Valve, Condenser, and Hoses. We supply these service parts for every Jaguar in the Climate Control section of each catalog on the website.

When one of these parts fail, all the refrigerant will eventually leak out and you will no longer have cold air. Since it is very expensive to recharge your system we suggest having your system checked for leaks, buy the needed parts from us and have a shop recharge your system after the parts are installed.

If you change any major air conditioning component, you must change the drier at the same time. This is extremely important since the warranty on compressors will only be valid if the drier was changed also.

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