XJ6 and XJS Blower Motors

If your car heater and air conditioning blower motors are no longer working, you will need to run power directly to the motors to see if one or both have failed. The cars listed below all have 2 blower motors, one on the drivers' side and one on the passengers' side. Usually one fails and you don't realize it, but after the second one fails you are left with no air blowing at your feet.

All 1980-1987 XJ6 and 1982-1987 XJS model Jaguars use the same type of blower motors. We sell a great new replacement on the website under part number JLM232-3 This is the electrical motor only. You must use the 3-eared mount bracket from your old motor with a hose clamp to mount this motor. But it works fine.

The 1988-1994 XJ6 model Jaguars use a blower motor that is in a large plastic box. The entire box must be replaced when the motor fails and there are a few different types depending on which year your Jaguar is. We do sell used blower motors but we always recommend replacing with new or rebuilt motors which come with a 1 year warranty. We sell used blower motors on the website under part numbers CBC8966, CBC8967, CCC5400, CCC5401, CCC7446, and CCC7447.

Same is true for the 1988-1996 XJS models we sell the rebuilt motors on the website under part number CCC5546, CCC5547, CCC7522, and CCC7523.

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