V12 Jaguars Prone to Engine Fires - Be prepared!

The Marelli-equipped V12 cars (1989 and later) are more prone to engine fires than any other Jaguar, but that doesn't mean that they are the only ones that burn! In addition to performing your regular preventive maintenance, it's good practice to carry a fire extinguisher in your car, within easy reach. Make sure it's rated for oil/fuel fires, not just paper and trash. Wade Ramsey, a long-time Jagbits subscriber, adds the following:

"In the unfortunate event that you experience an engine fire, never open the hood (bonnet)all the way. This will only add more oxygen to the fire and make the fire larger. Instead, open it just enough to get the fire extinguisher nozzel under the lip and squeeze the trigger."

"An excellent maintenance tip is to inspect the fuel injection hoses that connect the fuel rail to the injectors. This is usually where V12 fires originate. A leak develops in the hose, either by age, too much pressure, wear, or all of the above and a spark from a chaffed spark plug wire, a coil wire, or distributor itself simply ignites it. Monthly inspection is a must with these cars, especially the V12's."

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