Installing Keyless Entry on 1984 Jaguar XJ6 Series III for less than $60

By Mike Pastori

This should work on any Series III from 1980 to 1985. There were changes made in the 1986-1987 Series III models that will actually make the install easier, more on that later. First I will tell, as good as I can, about my install on the 1984 XJ6 Series III. 

Parts used: 

(1) 1ea. Valiant Keyless entry system model #2RTA. Purchased from Cost is $39.99 sometimes on sale for $29.99. SKU# is 38ZX2164Y 

(2) 1ea. HIP Premium Door Lock Motor Model#DL-6228. Cost was $17.95.USD. Purchased from a local custom stereo installation store. Just ask for an electric door motor.

(3.) Four(4) hours of blood sweat and tears. Other incidentals are wire connectors, electric wire wrap or tape, some wire end fasteners used to fasten wire to body for a ground and some nylon ties. 

Tools are: electric drill, extension cord, a #2 Phillips screw driver, Common screw driver, a wire stripper/swedging tool

NOTE:On the 1980-85 Series III the drivers door has no Electric motor present to activate the lock. Actually this is done mechanically by either a key(from the outside) or by moving the locking lever inside the door. When moving the key or Lever to/from the locked position a rod is pushed towards the lock  mechanism on the end of the door latching it to the door pillar. When the mechanical pressure is applied a electric signal is sent to the other three doors and the trunk lid. 

To get the doors to lock by a keykess method involves installing an electric door motor(#DLL-6228) in the drivers door. With the door liner removed get familiar with the inside lock  mechanism paying attention to the push rod action. There is an access opening  to the outer door latch mechanism on the metal structure of the door. This is where you will put the new door lock motor. 

First I placed the leads from the new door lock onto the battery to see how the motor has a push pull motion. There is a metal strap (comes with the motor) with holes in it. I used this to fasten the motor to the door structure. Mount the motor horizontally with the plunger facing the rod coming from the door handle. The motor comes with it's own rod. Attach this rod to the door lock rod with the inclosed attchment piece with allen set screws. You'll have to play with the attach point until you're satisfied with the action. 

Run two wires from the inside of the car from the drivers left foot area through the rubber conduit to the door to the door lock motor you just installed. Attach these(different colored) wires to the two wires of the door lock motor. NOTE: (if you can't get the wires through the rubber wire conduit then run the wires through the bottom rubber weather strip and up under the threshhold plate on the rocker panel..Make sure you have wrapped the exposed wire with plenty of wire wrap and pull up any slack in the wire between the door and the car body). 

Now remove the L/H center console kick panel the one to the right of the accelerator pedal and has the air vent. This is where I put the sending unit(2RTA) and ran the wires up over the steering column. You can put the sending unit(2RTA) just about anywhere you want. NOTE: you will have to call the Valiant tech rep to get the proper wiring diagram faxed to you...Remember 1980-85 NOT 1986! Now for a 1986-1987 you guys lucked out! You won't have to put in a motor as these already have a motor in the driver's door and I think there's also one in the trunk check with the reps at Valient...Good Luck...I love it - great distance too. 

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