Replacing Jaguar Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, and Brake Calipers

All cars have brakes. Brake pads, rotors wear down every time you stop your Jaguar. Brake Calipers have pistons and cylinders that are sealed with rubber seals, when the seals wear the calipers leak or seize up if the pistons are pushed out too far due to a very thin pad. If you hear your brakes squeaking, take the wheels off and check the pads and rotors.

All Jaguar models should have new Brake Rotors installed whenever new pads are installed. Don't bother cutting the rotors, most of our brake rotors are half the price the dealers charge and they work perfectly. We recommend our OEM Jaguar brake pads with our aftermarket brand rotors. When replaced together we guarantee that your brakes will not squeak, squeal or produce any brake dust.

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