Replacing Jaguar Steering Rack and Pinion assemblies for XJ6, XJS, XJ8, XK8, S-Type models

All Jaguar models that we supply parts for have power rack and pinion steering. Over time the steering racks will wear from normal use and need to be replaced. Brand new steering racks are either no longer being made by Jaguar or extremely expensive so we offer rebuilt steering racks at very affordable prices.

If your car is leaking power steering fluid and the hoses are not at fault, it is likely the rack that is leaking. The easiest way to check for sure is to squeeze the rubber rack boots and see if fluid squirts out. If it does, then the seals inside the rack are worn and the steering rack needs to be replaced.

All of our rebuilt Jaguar Power Steering Racks come with a 1 year warranty. We have been using the same rebuilder for 20 years and virtually all of our racks will outlast the rest of the car! Remember a rebuilt part is only as good as the rebuilder. We offer the BEST quality racks at the BEST prices. Cheaper racks are often cheaper quality.

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