Replacing Jaguar Gel-cell Batteries, No Leaks, No spills.

When it's time to buy a new battery for your Jaguar, take a HARD look at the gel-cell batteries from Optima and Exide. These batteries don't have liquid acid like the traditional lead-acid batteries. Instead, the acid is enclosed in a gel substance within the battery. No water, no liquid acid spills, no corrosion, no fumes or vapors, no muss, no fuss.

I put one in each of my Jaguars, and one in my truck and they are GREAT! These are especially great for the XJS with its trunk-mounted battery, since they don't require any venting. Their cranking power and working life is unbeatable. They cost about $100, which is about 25% more than a top-quality lead-acid battery, but they are definitely worth the extra money. They require ZERO maintenance, since they don't have any water, nor do they corrode the battery terminals and cables. They can't develop a leak, even when damaged. You can punch a screwdriver through one and it won't leak, and it will continue to work!

You can get them at NAPA, Checker, Autozone, and a zillion other places. Look for the "Optima" and "Orbital Select" brand names. Some Walmarts even carry them.

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