Enabling the fog light position on the XJ6 headlamp switch

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U.S. Series III owners (1979-1987 XJ6). No doubt by now you've noticed that the fourth positon on the headlight switch, marked "FOG" is unavailable. Until now. The FOG position is a snap to enable. Just remove the bezel. If you look carefully you will see a small C clip at the base of the shaft. Pop it off and the switch will now turn all the way to the FOG position.

Fitting fog or driving lamps on a Series III car is easy. The car is already wired for them and the wires are the red/yellow wires found at either side of the hood by the hinge. Drill the mounting holes in the bottom of the aluminum bumper bar, bolt on your lights and connect the wires. DONE. Now the "FOG"position will illuminate your fog or driving lamps in addition to your headlamps. NOTE: The FOG position will turn off your headlights when the foglights are on. This is a European-style modification.

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