How to Clean the Battery & Charging System Checkup on Jaguars

1. Make sure the terminals are clean. Batteries typically produce a white fluffy corrosion, and this corrosion acts as an insulator, preventing full battery power from reaching the starter. This makes the car act like the battery is weak. Unbolt the terminals and clean them with a mixture of water and baking soda. WEAR EYE PROTECTION AND RUBBER GLOVES. Wash down the battery case with more water and baking soda. You can buy a corrosion inhibitor at your local parts store. spray it on when you reattach the battery cables.

2. Check the condition of the alternator belt. Twist it around and inspect the friction surface. Make sure there are no cracks, splits, or delamination of the belt plys. Replace it if it's bad, and take a look at the rest of the belts while you're at it. They tend to all go bad near the same time.

3. Have a battery and charging system checkup. Most major parts stores will do this for free. They will check the condition of your battery and the alternator while the car is running.

Paul Beyerle added: "If you unhook your batter on a '94 XJ6, you'd better have the code to reactivate your stereo."

This is a very good point. Jaguar stereos from 1986 on use a security code to discourage theft. This code must be reentered whenever the battery is disconnected. You should keep this code handy.

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