Why you should not buy V Rated Tires for your Jaguar.

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"Why do I have to spend extra money on 'V' rated tires for my Jaguar? They are rated at 148 mph and I'm not going to drive that fast!"

No, you aren't (most likely), but, the "V" rated tires are necessary to provide the stability you need to carry a fully-loaded 4,000 pound car down the highway at a high rate of speed. Lower-rated tires have a more flexible carcass, and will tend to generate vibration and noise more readily than a "V" rated tire will, and will fail more often under similar operating conditions. Jaguar recommends a specific tire rating based on a ratio of speed and vehicle weight, and ignoring their recommendation has caused more than one Jaguar owner some discomfort.

"V" rated tires are not necessarily more expensive, either. The Michelin MXV4, which is an excellent "V" rated tire, can usually be found for $90-$95 each. At that price, they are priced competitively with good-quality "S" rated tires. Our recommendation is not to be lured by lower priced tires, as the price or performance tradeoff just doesn't work.

"Blizzak" produces an excellent snow tire for the Jaguar, by the way.

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