How to Fix Leaking steering rack seals on Jaguars

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There are three main leakage points on the steering rack (not including the hoses.) The first point is at the top of the rack tower, where the steering column connects to the rack. The other two points are inside the rubber boots at the ends of the rack. If any of these points have power steering fluid coming out, then the rack seals need to be renewed.

Further clarification: There should be NO fluid inside the rubber boots. The rubber boots are not there to contain the fluid, they are there to keep dust and dirt out. If your boots are cracked, your rack seals are being damaged. If there is fluid inside the boots, then the seals are already leaking.

Some people like the "brave" approach to resealing their steering rack - they buy a seal kit and do it themselves. Unless you've done this before, it's highly recommended that you stay with a rebuilt rack unit. It's very easy to buy the $50 rack seal kit, then end up with a rack that still leaks. Resealing a rack is not an easy job!

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