OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts for Jaguars

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What to do, what to do. Do I buy the less expensive aftermarket part, or do I shell out the extra bucks for the OEM part? What's the difference?

"OEM" means "Original Equipment Manufacturer", which is the company that made the part for the Jaguar when the car was being built.

"Aftermarket" is a part made by someone else.

Jagbits sells both OEM and aftermarket parts. Every aftermarket part has an X on the end of the part number. It is a brand new part with the same one year warranty as the OEM part but it is less expensive. Every aftermarket part on the website is either equal to or better than the OEM part. I know because I have been selling them for more than 25 years and if I have ANY negative results with an aftermarket part, I don't sell them on the website. In fact most of the aftermarket parts I offer are actually made by the OEM manufacturer they just don't come in a green Jaguar box.

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