17. Clearing the A/C Condensation Drains

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There is a drain pan inside the dash that catches the a/c condensation and drains it out through the floor of the car. Over time, the drain hoses will clog with dirt and general crud and won't allow the condensation to drain. This is when you hear water running back and forth inside your dash as you turn a corner, and sometimes you'll collect so much water that it will spill out on your (or your passenger's) feet. Fortunately, this is easy to remedy.

The drain pan has two rubber hoses connected to it, and the water drains through these hoses to the underside of the car. Take a thin flexible wire and run it up through the hoses from the bottom of the car (you'll need to be under the car) and this will clear the drain obstructions. Caution: if you've been hearing the water slosh around, then once you run the wire up through the rubber drain tubes, that water is going to rush out and drain all over you if you're in the way.

As always, whenever you jack your car up, put it on suitable jack stands before you climb under it. Never get under a car supported by a jack alone. 4,000 pounds falling on top of you will ruin your day.

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