Preventing an early death of the pre 1988 XJS Wiper Motor

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Early XJS (1988 and earlier) use the Lucas wiper motor. Somewhere in the middle of 1988 Jaguar changed to the Electrolux wiper system. You can tell the difference by the way the wipers park. If they park to the right, you have the later system.

The Lucas wiper motors are no longer available new, you can only get rebuilt ones and they are exhorbitantly priced, so it is in your best interest to protect the one you have. A frequent cause of failure is the plastic rain cover that's installed over the top of the motor. They crack, allowing water to enter the motor. Corrosion and electrical shorts ensue. New plastic rain covers aren't available either.

Check yours, and if it's cracked, you can fashion a new one from a suitable piece of plastic, say from a milk carton. Ensuring that you have a fully-intact wiper motor rain cover will go a long way toward protecting your wiper motor, and your wallet.

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