28. Stakedown Kit Instructions for 1980-1987 XJ6 Jaguars

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Stakedown kits are always a popular item for the 1980-1987 XJ6. Those darn tappet guides just keep on coming loose! One customer was installing his and he had a few questions about their installation. He suggested that I post my response to this group, since anyone doing this job is going to have the same issues. Here 'tis:

1) The tappet guides all seem to be about 1/4 inch up from the head surface

This is correct. There is a shoulder that protrudes above the head. Check to make sure that all of the shoulders are the same level above the head surface. If so, proceed. If not, proceed to a machine shop with your cylinder head in hand.

2) Only about 1/2 the screw (3/8") will actually thread into the head from this height

Correct. You only have about 1/2" of head thickness where you'll be drilling, and the screw isn't supposed to thread all the way through. This allows you to drill a hole that is just shy of penetrating all the way through the head, preventing the drill swarf from falling into the oil galley underneath. Use a drill stop set at 7/16" to drill the holes.

3) Should locktite be used on the screws on final assembly?

ABSOLUTELY. You don't ever want those suckers to come out.

4) Any thing else I should know?

It might help to make an alignment gauge to help you drill the holes perpendicular to the head surface. Nothing fancy, just enough so that you aren't eyeballing it entirely.

a small vacuum attachment. Coating your drill bit with grease and drilling at a low speed will cause the swarf to stick to the drill bit and will keep much of it from flying about. Be patient, don't rush, even if it means renting a car tomorrow to get to work. Aluminum is easy to work with (relatively speaking), but take your time. Good luck!

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