Jaguar Air Conditioning Conversion from Freon to R134A

Let's clear up some confusion about this R134a stuff. It's CHEAP and it works. There is no reason to pay obscene amounts of money to get your car converted to R134a. Your local air conditioning professional can evacuate and recharge your A/C system with R134a, usually with no modifications at all.

What should you expect to replace? The A/C Receiver/Drier and maybe a few O- rings. Your A/C pro will handle the oil replacement and the recharge. Don't get suckered into a huge repair bill just for R134a replacement.

We sell the complete O-ring and seal conversion kit on the website under part number 726246AC-KIT. It includes everything you will need except the drier and the oil. This kit fits every Jaguar, just use the O-rings you need and save the rest for a different car. We sell the driers in the Climate Control section of our catalogs.

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