20. Engine Cooling Fan Cracking

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Jaguar engine cooling fans have a nasty habit of breaking. I'm talking about the big plastic fan blade at the front of the engine. The typical scenario is that the fan clutch will seize, causing the plastic fan to spin at full engine speed. This puts a lot of stress on the plastic fan, which then starts to crack at the base of the fan blade. These cracks rapidly spread until the fan explodes and bits fly all over the engine bay. New radiator, new hood, new fan, second mortgage and you're all set to drive again.

Periodically, look at the fan and inspect it for cracks. If it's cracked, replace it fast. At the same time, check your fan clutch for proper operation.

The fan clutch is designed to allow the fan to slip and spin slower than the engine. There is a simple diagnostic procedure: With the engine off, give the fan a good hard spin by hand. If it's loose and spins for more than one full rotation, the clutch is bad, allowing the fan to slip too much. This can contribute to an overheating problem. If it's tight and doesn't continue to spin at all, the clutch is seized and needs to be replaced. A properly-functioning fan clutch should allow the fan to spin 1/2-1 full rotation when spun by hand.

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