16. Universal Joints

Jaguar Parts Technical Information

The universal joints on your Jag transmit power from the engine to the wheels while allowing the suspension and the engine to move about in their mountings. Movement of metal parts implies that something has to be greased to prevent failure. U-joints are no exception. Failure to properly (and regularly) grease u-joints will lead to metal-to-metal contact, and the eventual destruction of the needle bearings in the u-joint, which requires replacement of the u- joint.

Jag U-joints are cheap, but they are a royal bear to replace, so it's in your best interest to grease them or have them greased every 12,000 miles, or more often if you can. Pump grease into them until fresh grease comes out of all four bearing cups. It usually helps to do this job right after you drive the car fast and hard for a while, so everything is hot and the grease flows easiest.

When a u-joint starts to fail, it can sound like a brake pad is loose and rubbing against the brake rotor, or it could generate a metallic squeal or a rattling sound. Or all three. Once these symptoms appear, there's no solution but to replace the offending u-joint.

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